JABIN (Curandero)
Our esteemed guide and protagonist, Machiguenga medicine man.
Originally from Spain. Based in Manú and Cuzco, Peru.

ANNA FISHKIN (Director/Writer/Producer)
Professional photographer and explorer. Founder of ‘Modern Maya’ nomadic media collective agency.
Originally from Belarus and USA. Based in Mexico City/Tulum/NYC.

REED RICKERT (Director of Photography)
Professional documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, mountain climber, explorer.
NatGeo Wild’s ‘Wild to Inspire’ Film Festival finalist. Completed several international documentary films
with focus on world music and filmed mountain climbing and base jumping series in north of Mexico.
Originally from USA. Based in Mexico City/Tepoztlan/San Francisco.

Reed Rickert

MICCA MONT (Audio/Sound)
Professional musician, producer, singer and composer.
Originally from Monterrey, Mexico. Based in Mexico City/Tulum.
Micca Mont – on Spotify


Hospitality and eco-tourism entrepreneur who brings in-depth experience of working with
indigenous communities in permaculture NGO conservation projects in Peru and Mexico.
Originally from Mexicali, Baja California. Based in Tulum, Mexico.

AVIV SISO (Producer)
Real estate developer with passion for conservation.
Originally from Israel and Belgium. Based in NYC/Tulum.